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wha'ts inside dvd player// lg dvd player// how to clean the lens manually



wha'ts inside dvd player// lg dvd player// how to clean the lens manually
LG : Why did you need a Lens Cleaner disc since you cleaned the lens with alcohol and a swab?
Blegedud Wotgalih : Well
Ridhani Channel : Subs back
997 Usaha : Sub back please (ad in sub4sub).


LG CD/DVD writer optical drive for Mac and Windows - REVIEWED!

Need an optical drive for your Mac or Windows system so you can read Audio CDs, watch DVD movies or just read and write data disks? How about a $22.99 LG Electronics unit that works just great with even the latest MacBook Pro with TouchBar?

Tech expert Dave Taylor of https://www.AskDaveTaylor.com/ puts the LG 8x USB 2.0 External Optical Drive through its paces on his Mac and finds it does just fine with everything. It's not super fast, but no optical drives are very fast. And $22.99 instead of $79.00 for an Apple SuperDrive? A definite win!

Pay close attention and you might even catch a demo of "Thunderbirds Are Go!" from the 1960's!

Learn more on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2n7LSck
booginas : I bought this same device b4 I saw your video. I got mine from Best Buy when I purchased my computer, a DELL Inspiron 15 7000 Series 2-in-1, Model: 7500, HDMI & USB Type-C, about 2 weeks ago. I bought it on a whim w/out knowing too much about it & I am not tech savvy @ ALL ‍♂️, but the last computer I had came w/ a DVD/CD ROM player built in to it, & it wasn't til I was shopping for a new computer a few weeks ago that I discovered most laptops nowadays no longer come with CD ROM players built in after I asked the salesman how come every computer he was walking me through didn't have one. I haven't even opened the box to the LG DVD writer/player, muchless used it yet cuz I"ve been so busy.

But it just dawned on me the other day that there used to be portable DVD PLAYERS that were like mini TV s, cept they only played DVDs. Honestly, the only reason I bought the DVD writer is cuz the guy told me it could function as a DVD player --- which is the only thing I ever used the CD ROM compartment on my other s for anyway. Unlike you --- I paid $32 for mine. But this is "Best Buy" we're talking about . Anyhoo, yeah . . . so now I'm thinking bout returning it ---- IF I can cuz I just noticed on my receipt that Best Buy's return policy is 15 DAYS as opposed 2 the standard 30 of most places. My reason for wanting to do so is I don't wanna go on movie ️ watching binges & have my computer plugged into the power cord for hours on end & wear out the battery cuz most can only last what --- 2hrs unplugged after a full charge?? My last 2 only lasted an hour at best unplugged. And that was after a FULL charge!! My last computer was used, but the 1 b4 that was new & it still didn't last long unplugged. Clearly, if I'm watching 2 & 3 movies that are 90 mins to 2hrs ⌚ a piece, it's not gonna be long b4 I have to plug it in to keep watching, and I heard the more you keep a computer plugged in and the battery is nowhere being out of power, it can lessen the ability to last as long as when you 1st bought it. Granted, that's gonna happen in time even if you don't keep it plugged in needlessly all the time, but I don't want to help it happen BEFORE it's time. But if I'm going to be using my for more than 2 hours at a time, it only makes sense to keep it plugged in the whole time, whether it needs 2 be or not. Plus, although the back of the box for this writer says it is compatible with some TVs, which mine also happens to be an LG, though, I still don't know if it's compatible for my particular LG TV (a 32LG500H which is a few years old), I realized --- also after the fact --- that it doesn't come with a remote. So even if it is compatible with my TV , how am I supposed to fast-forward, skip scenes altogether, rewind, or get to the special features on a DVD without a remote?? I have to use the remote that came with my cable box in order to operate my TV with the way the cable company (Spectrum) set it up. But I did notice there R buttons for all the features I just mentioned, i.e., fast-forward, etc., so is it possible for me to use that remote on the DVD player? Or are those functions only referring to use on pre-recorded/saved shows off the cable box when you're watching the replay??

I know this was a very long & lengthy question(s), but, as I told U --- I'm not tech savvy AT ALL. I was scared shitless having to go buy this computer by myself, although I did have help from the sales associate. But, shoot . . . he could have told me anything & I wouldn't have known the difference. I don't know the difference between RAM & ROM, or megabytes & kilobytes, except that one is bigger than the other. By how much? --- I do not know. I never had a job that requires use of a computer (besides a register), so I never used my personal computer for anything but e-mail, surfing the web, YouTube, to watch DVDs, & to occasionally type a resume'. Every time I've gone computer shopping, I always took somebody who was techy to some degree with me to play the middle man & translate for me what the salesman was saying & confirm if it was indeed a good investment. I'm ashamed of being so inept in that department, & I wanna get better, but my local library doesn't even offer courses on computer basics & I no longer have any techy acquaintances to help. Anyway . . . you clearly already know what this contraption does, & given what I told you I'm looking 4 in a DVD player, I'd like to know in your obviously more expert opinion than mine --- should I keep it; or should I return it?? Thank U (and to anyone knowledgeable who offers advice) in advance .
Alec Burns : I purchased this but it's not working for me. I also have a mac book pro and I'm using a USB C to USB adapter
The Bridgewater Triangle Paranormal Investigators : this does not burn movies to a disc its all lies lies lies but yet its called a dvd writer. pathetic
Anthony Crawford : I just received mine today I am using mine with a Microsoft go tablet 128 gb.i works flawlessly.with the burner. Go buy it it works with both the laptop and tablet Microsoft.
JD Gauntlet : I payed $22 as well. Best money ever spent. Have a huge catalog of CDs I wanted to put on my mac and phone. The TV function is dated but still cool. The PS4 doesn’t play CDs so it’s a neat feature.
brian lindsey : nice video. But I cannot find one video of this model that shows the drive using windows 10. "Microsoft"
Lou Johnson : I have a Super Multi LG CD rewritable/ DVD MULTI RECORDER. How can I play and load music off of a CD or DVD onto my HD on my PC Laptop (Lenovo)?
Ijeoma Ejiogu : I think I have the same device (different model # GP60NS50) yet it is not recognized by my 2019 MacBook pro. It says that it is a 'Slim Portable DVD Writer' by LG. Is a DVD writer the same as an optical drive (not a techie)? My goal is to watch DVDs and play CDs. Thank you!
striker3 : What software are people using to burn DVDs on their Mac?
Mike Khan : Plugged it into my MacBook Pro and it won’t pop up or anything it keeps making a blinking light and won’t play any disk or even show up in my external drive




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